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  • Getting the Most out of Consumer Authentication with Mobile Data
    A white paper providing an overview of the role of mobile data in consumer authentication and how this role is becoming increasingly important.
    This white paper also provides a set of tests and checks you can use to assess vendor capabilities in the mobile authentication space.


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Getting the most out of consumer authentication with mobile data

There are many cases where traditional consumer authentication services may not be able to establish a good match on valid customers because there is a tendency for many of these services to be overly reliant on authenticating consumers who are home owners and have fixed-line phones. But in today's market, in the U.S. and globally, there are many consumers that do not have fixed-line phones in their names, however, most consumers do have mobile phones. The problem that persists is that there are limited resources of good mobile data for consumer authentication. While there are a number of different methods for service providers to collect mobile data, merchants need a high level of hit response over deep accuracy within only a small usable population to make mobile authentication a viable tool for risk prevention. This white paper focuses on why and how you can make the most out of mobile data in consumer authentication for the CNP channel.

getting most out of consumer authentication with mobile data
  • Type: Prepared Research, White Paper, Discussion Document
  • Presented By: David Montague, The Fraud Practice
  • Length:  13 pages
  • Cost:  Free

what to expect

The Getting the Most out of Consumer Authentication with Mobile Data white paper provides discussion on the role and growing importance of utilizing mobile data for consumer authentication and reverse-lookup checks. The mobile phone is ubiquitous in the U.S., European and other major markets today, and when performing authentication or reverse lookups with a phone number, being able to do this against a mobile number will provide the most value. This white paper addresses the issues with mobile data for authentication in terms of the issues facing mobile data, such as having access to enough data to reach critical mass, data quality and latency. For consumer authentication to be effective in a company's risk mitigation program it must provide consistency in the way it is applied and provide clear, usable signals for the population being targeted. This white paper discusses the issues affecting the use of mobile data for consumer authentication while providing tests and checks organizations can use to assess vendor capabilities in the mobile authentication space while providing this in the context of how the use of mobile data for consumer authentication can be implemented into a risk management program.

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