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  • Mobile Payments & Fraud Survey: 2015 Report - An analysis of the mobile landscape and how merchants, acquirers, service providers, card issuers and card associations are addressing fraud and payments in the mobile channel.


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The 3rd Annual Mobile Payments & Fraud Survey, presented by The Fraud Practice, Kount, and CardNotPresent.com, polled thousands of payment and risk professionals representing merchants, acquirers, card issuers and card associations. The third installment of this survey and report provides a longitudinal perspective showing growth and changes in the mobile channel, including how organizations' mobile capabilities and priorities have shifted since 2012.

Mobile Payments & Fraud Survey: 2015 Report

Following the success of the first two Mobile Payments & Fraud Surveys, The Fraud Practice, Kount and CardNotPresent.com have once again teamed up to bring you the third annual survey and report. As the mobile channel continues to grow and mature it seems fraud is keeping pace with increasing mobile transaction volumes. Unfortunately, the 2015 Mobile Payments & Fraud Survey found that many organizations are not taking the necessary measures to understand and combat fraud in the mobile channel as less than 40 percent of merchants differentiate or track mobile from traditional eCommerce fraud losses.

The Mobile Payments & Fraud Survey: 2015 Report provides a detailed view of mobile strategies and processes across multiple industries and vertical markets, as well as the current and planned mobile payment and risk initiatives for acquires, issuers, card associations and merchants across a broad spectrum of vertical markets and industries.

  • Type: Prepared Research, White Paper, Survey Results
  • Presented By: The Fraud Practice, Kount and CardNotPresent.com
  • Length:  83 pages
  • Last Update:  April, 2015
  • Cost:  Free

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The Mobile Payments & Fraud Survey: 2015 Report is the third annual installment of this study, highlighting the factors and preferences related to the mobile channel as identified by Merchants, Service Providers, Acquirers, Card Associations and Issuers. This year’s Mobile Payments & Fraud Survey continues to build on the success of the past two annual surveys and reports while tracking the growth and development of mobile channel initiatives across all types of organizations and verticals.

Since our first Mobile Payments & Fraud Survey conducted in late 2012 a lot has changed. The 2015 Mobile Payments & Fraud Survey and Report both shows progress in terms of mobile channel developments, but also areas where improvement is still needed. For example, the share of merchants that can recognize when a user is accessing their site from a mobile device has increased from 45 percent in the inaugural survey to 57 percent this year, less than 40 percent of merchants actually track fraud losses in the mobile channel separately. This and other key findings are discussed in the full report.

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