ecommerce PaymentProfessional TRACK

As a professional training track, these individuals would be considered super specialist, and the track is focused on individuals who are responsible for an organization's strategic guidance related to payment functions.

Target Audience: Director of eCommerce, eCommerce Operations Manager, Product Manager, eCommerce Business Analyst

  • Course synopsis. This track is focused on those individuals that have responsibility for the selection of the types of payments to be offered as well as the planning and oversight of product development around complex payment problems such as cross border support, tax, compliance and payment fee optimisation. This track provides individuals a well rounded core understanding of eCommerce payment considerations and implications, allowing the payment professional to provide value and considerations for payment support across a multi-disciplined perspective.
  • This career path consists of eleven (11) training courses:

  • Training Objectives: (1) Learn about the key players and steps required to take credit card, ACH, PayPal, mobile and credit term payments online. (2) Learn about the impact of fraud and the importance of the role to prevent fraud in a business. (3) Learn about chargebacks, the way they are delivered and the process for reconciliation. (4) Learn about the rights of a merchant for representment and the steps required to complete the process. (5) Learn how to review chargebacks to determine underlying root cause analysis. (6) Discuss the payment options available in the marketplace today along with high level descriptions of how they function, areas they work best as well as samples of different providers. (7) Discuss considerations for tax and compliance related to ecommerce based operations. (8) Discuss potential impacts to sales conversion based on payment options as well as fraud prevention techniques related to payment option fraud controls.
  • Expected time to complete the Track: 12 to 15 hours (includes session tests and final exam) (You don't need to take the entire career path in one sitting. This career path is broken down into a series of training sessions that last from 10 to 20 minutes each making it easy to work the training program into a busy schedule.)
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If you only have time for one course take the introduction to ecommerce credit card payments.
    • Read MoreIntroduction to eCommerce credit card payments.

      Covers the credit card process flow defining each of the "payment players"; reviews payment concepts such as authorizations, settlements, reversals, chargebacks and the credit card association's high risk program.

program overview

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      • Courses are broken down into 7 to 18 minute lessons to make it easier to find the time to complete the lessons with a busy schedule
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The Fraud Practice


  • Read Morefundamentals for selecting ecommerce payment options.

    The Fundamentals of eCommerce Payment Options online training course provides an introduction to the world of eCommerce payments. The course provides an overview of the main eCommerce payment options that exist today, why businesses use alternative payments, how eCommerce payment options are grouped, as well as providing examples, mind share, market share, and the major players.

  • Read MoreIntroduction to eCommerce credit card payments.

    Covers the credit card process flow defining each of the "payment players"; reviews payment concepts such as authorizations, settlements, reversals, chargebacks and the credit card association's high risk programs.

  • Read Moreintroduction to ach payments.

    Covers the ACH process flow defining each of the "payment players"; reviews payment concepts such as clearing times, reversals, NSF, push and pull options, good funds and bad debt risk.

  • Read Moreintroduction to paypal & accepting paypal payments.

    Covers how PayPal payments work from consumer and merchant perspectives; the impact PayPal payments can have on sales conversion and the fraud implications of taking PayPal payments.

  • Read Moreintroduction to accepting credit term payments.

    Covers the typical credit terms process flow defining each of the "payment players"; reviews payment concepts such as credit risk, underwriting, bad debt, collections and 3rd party providers.

  • Read MoreIntroduction to Accepting Mobile Payments.

    Covers the available mobile payment process flows defining each of the "payment players"; reviews payment concepts such as SMS payments, contactless payments, RFID, NFC and different billing methodologies.

  • Read Moreintroduction to ecommerce fraud fundamentals.

    Provides participants foundation level knowledge about the theories, best practices and terminology surrounding electronic payment fraud. Presented in a standard format covering the history of eCommerce Fraud, consumer fraud, merchant fraud, fraudster motivation, fraud trends, identity verification and phishing.

  • Read Moreintroduction to credit card chargebacks.

    Covers the basic information about chargebacks everyone on a risk team needs to know from the manual review staff to the risk manager. Topics covered include basic definitions of chargebacks and other key terminology to the details of the representment process and evidence needed to dispute a chargeback.

  • Read MorePlanning for ecommerce Tax Implications for global operations.

    Covers the tax implications of doing business globally indicating the level of tax complexity by region and methods for simplifying tax calculation and submittal.

  • Read Moreintroduction to Common compliance and kyc requirements for us ecommerce.

    Covers the basic regulatory programs related to compliance within the USA indicating the core requirements and who is required to comply. This session covers topics such as KYC, SOX, PCI, OFAC, AML, SARS, Privacy notices, FRCA, Breach Notification, Export and Denied Party lists.

  • Read Morefundamentals of ecommerce sales conversion.

    Covers the fundamentals on effective practices for optimising sales conversion on a website to include common pitfalls from implementing poor payment options and fraud screening procedures.

  • coursecatalogue

    The Fraud Practice online training portal offers on-demand web based training related to eCommerce payments and fraud. We offer career tracks for fraud reviewers up to senior executives. Of course you always have the option to simply choose the courses that you think you really need.