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Brothers Generate $1.4 Million in Commissions from Incomplete Sales

Brothers Andrew and Allen Chiu placed $23 million worth of fraudulent orders through FatWallet, a membership shopping community that provides cash back and incentives for shopping with partner merchants, all of which targeting a single retailer. While the retailer never accepted or shipped the orders, the Chiu brothers still somehow generated $1.4 million in commissions



Are you Aligning with Aggressive Ad Networks?

A recent study analyzing 384,000 free mobile apps found that nearly 20,000 of these apps use aggressive or malicious ad networks putting users of these apps at risk of their contacts being copied or phone settings being changed without their knowledge or consent. Read More


How Large of a Problem is Click Fraud?

A recent Forbes headline read “Is Click Fraud A Ticking Time Bomb Under Google?” referencing the billions in revenue Google makes each year from online advertising and multiple estimates of the click fraud rate ranging from two to twenty percent. Read More


DNSChanger Behind $14M Affiliate Fraud Shut Down by FBI

The DNSChanger malware, which spread to more than 500,000 devices in the U.S. and 4 million worldwide, redirected the web browsers on infected computers to various websites bringing seven fraudsters over $14 million in affiliate and referral fees. Read More

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