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Eleven Florida Identity Tax Return Fraud Ring Members Arrested

Tax refund fraud is a growing crime that costs the federal government billions each year. Eleven members of an identity fraud ring responsible for millions in fraudulent tax refunds were recently arrested in South Florida, an area where identity theft and tax refund fraud are significantly higher than the national average. Read More


Anonymous Posts Bank Exec Data Stolen from the Federal Reserve

The personal information of over 4,000 banking executives was stolen from a compromised server at the Federal Reserve and then posted online by hackers associated with Anonymous. The breach came soon after a similar attack against the Department of Energy where more personally identifiable information for hundreds of employees was compromised. Read More


FBI Charges Creators and Distributor of Gozi Malware

Three sophisticated fraudsters behind the malware Gozi, which infected over one million computers including hundreds at NASA, have been arrested and charged with computer intrusion and conspiracy to commit bank fraud after creating and selling their malware to steal bank account credentials online in the black market. Read More


Orchestrated Global Attacks Steal $11 Million with Prepaid Card ATM Withdrawals

In a highly organized and orchestrated attack, money mules across the world cashed out prepaid debit cards withdrawing millions of dollars from ATMs after sophisticated hackers first increased or removed daily withdrawal amount limits on these cards. Read More


Microsoft and Symantec Shutdown Massive Botnet

The Bamital botnet, assembled by an organized group of fraudsters to commit click fraud, infected hundreds of thousands of computers but has recently been shut down as authorities have seized servers and pulled others offline following a collaborative investigation by Microsoft and Symantec. Read More


Organized Fraud Ring Obtained Credit Cards, Increased Credit Limits with Fake Identities Stealing $200 Million

Eighteen members of a sophisticated fraud ring operating out of New Jersey were arrested in early February for their massive scam creating thousands of fake identities, obtaining credit and increasing credit limits for the fake identities, and then cashing in with a bust-out attack. The Department of Justice has documented $200 million in losses and


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