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The Impact of Manual Reviews on Your Customers and Brand

The Fraud Practice discusses the importance of taking the time to consider the options for performing manual review as it is a good way to protect the two most important assets a merchant has: their customer and their brand.

When an order has a mix of high and low risk signals or the merchant just isn’t sure about the true level of risk, manual reviews provide a better alternative to either refusing the sale or accepting it blindly. When these orders are all declined merchants miss out on the potential lifetime value of many customers they wrongly turned away. Whereas one good purchase experience can lead to many more down the road, falsely labeling a transaction as fraudulent and refusing the sale can lead to that customer never coming back. On the other side of the spectrum, accepting all of these orders and hoping for the best can lead to significant brand damage from high fraud losses and consumers associating the merchant with a fraud problem, both resulting in a negative impact on the merchant’s bottom-line. In this context manual reviews protect both the brand and the merchant’s customers.

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