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Samsung Pay and CurrentC Grow Their Reach with New Partnerships

One of the more difficult and most important aspects of building a successful mobile wallet is ensuring that consumers can use it with the payment cards and mobile devices they want to use. By forming agreements with fourteen major card issuers and Verizon Wireless to support their mobile wallet, Samsung Pay as greatly expanded their potential user base. Similarly, through partnerships with Chase Pay and an ACH-based mobile payment service, MCX looks to make their CurrentC mobile wallet more attractive to consumers and merchants in advance of their full launch sometime next year.

At launch Samsung Pay could be used with a few Galaxy S6 and Note5 model smartphones operating on the AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and U.S. Cellular networks. Verizon, with over 100 million postpaid subscribers, was notably missing, but on October 21st the companies announced their partnership that would allow Verizon customers to use to Samsung Pay on eligible phones.

Chase announced a mobile wallet of their own, Chase Pay, and unexpectedly included MCX, or the Merchant Consumer Exchange, as a launch partner. MCX started a limited trial in September with their mobile wallet, CurrentC, in Columbus, Ohio. The Chase Pay-MCX partnership benefits both parties.

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