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More Use Starbucks App for Mobile Payment than Who Use Apple Pay in US

Although Apple Pay is the most popular cross-merchant mobile wallet with more users than Google Pay and Samsung Pay combined, the Starbucks app was used for by nearly 1 million more US consumers for mobile payments in 2017, according to data from eMarketer.

This data is extrapolated from surveys of US consumers age 14 and older who have had made at least one proximity mobile payment in the prior six months. eMarketer estimates that 20.7 million US mobile proximity payment users made payment with the Starbucks mobile app, compared to 19.9 million who used Apple Pay, 9.3 million Google Pay and 8.4 million Samsung Pay users.

According to eMarketer’s forecast, Starbucks will continue to exceed Apple Pay users through 2022 when 29.8 million Starbucks app and 27.5 million Apple Pay users are expected. While it may come as a surprise to many that there are more Starbucks mobile payment users than Apple Pay users, Starbucks has a key advantage over the other mobile wallets in that is available on both major mobile operating systems. Apple Pay (not available on Android) along with Google Pay and Samsung Pay (not available on iOS) are restricted to a smaller potential user base depending on consumer’s device and OS preferences.

Another advantage Starbucks has is consistency. Consumers know they can use their Starbucks app to pay and automatically tally loyalty points no matter what Starbucks they visit. An Apple Pay or Google Pay user might enjoy that consistency at specific retail locations but acceptance is less consistent city- and nationwide. According to the 2018 Mobile Payments and Fraud Survey from The Fraud Practice and Kount, acceptance of Apple Pay fell from 48 to 35 percent of merchants, while support for Google Pay fell from 38 to 25 percent of merchants.

From now through 2022 eMarketer forecasts market share of Google Pay and Samsung Pay to stay relatively flat while Starbucks and Apple Pay lose some share of total mobile payment users. Starbucks, whose app is currently used by 43 percent of proximity mobile payments users, will have a penetration rate just under 40 percent, while the mobile payment user penetration rate for Apple Pay is expected to fall from 42 to 37 percent from 2017 to 2022.

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