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Identity Fraud Ring Hijacked Consumer Retail Credit Accounts

An investigation by the New York Attorney General led to the arrest of seven in an identity fraud scheme where the fraudsters impersonated consumers at retail stores in attempts to take over their store credit card accounts, the fraudsters have been accused of operating this scam since at least 2008. Read More


Leader of 54-person Fraud Ring Pleads Guilty

Fifty-four fraudsters were arrested for their role in an identity theft ring responsible for $4 million in fraud losses while the ring leader plead guilty to five different charges on January 9th. Read More


Romanian Fraudster Arrested for ATM Skimming Scam

Laurentiu Bulat, a Romanian citizen living illegally in the United States, was arrested on January 5 on multiple charges after taking part in $1.5 million skimming and counterfeit card operation that targeted at least 40 HSBC ATMs in New York. Read More


Fraud Ring Busted After Persistently Repeating Scams

A fraud ring with members working in banks and charitable organizations continued to repeat their operation despite questioning and investigations by the U.S. Secret Service. Read More

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