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Couple Serving 5 Years for $1.2 Million in Friendly Fraud

An Indiana couple made over 2,700 purchases from Amazon over the period of a few years, creating new accounts and morphing their identities to continually report goods as damaged or never having arrived. The professional fraudsters stole more than $1.2 million in electronics, but now each face more than five years behind bars. Erin and


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Return Fraud Statistics from the NRF

The National Retail Federation estimates that return fraud cost merchants $14.37 billion in 2011 up from $13.66 billion in 2010. In a survey of over 100 retailers the NRF found that return fraud affects an overwhelming majority of merchants through various types of friendly fraud schemes. Read More


Best Buy Using Shared Return and Exchange Data to Prevent Friendly Fraud

In efforts to combat merchandise return fraud retailer Best Buy has instituted a system where they scan an identity document when someone makes a return in-store. If the person has suspicious return and exchange habits they may be blocked from making future returns for 90 days. Read More

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