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About Social Engineering: A Case Study and How it Relates to Spear Phishing

This guest blog post from a Certified eCommerce Fraud Professional discusses a case study involving a social engineering attack against an airline, as well as discusses methods for deception and intrusion with spear phishing attacks related to social engineering and fraudsters ultimately attempting to reverse engineer an organization’s risk management policies and practices. Read More

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Fraudsters Used Spear Phishing Tactics to Initiate Attacks Against New York Times and Other Websites

In a high profile attack led by the Syrian Electronic Army against the New York Times and other websites, users accessing the affected sites were redirected to servers under the attackers’ control. Users were redirected to pages hosting malicious content, and this was all made possible following spear phishing attacks against an Australian web domain



Spammers Scrape Facebook Friends for Targeted Phishing Attacks

Facebook recently announced that they uncovered an incident where fraudsters used compromised email addresses to scrape lists of Facebook friends due to a misconfiguration on their site. The fraudsters would then target phishing emails to the owners of the email addresses purporting to be from a Facebook friend. Read More  

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