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welcome tothe fraud library!

The Fraud Practice provides the Fraud Library as a free information resource to merchants and risk professionals around the world. We have attempted to keep information in the library non-vendor specific while providing sources for each of the techniques in the library. The content level within the free area is intentionally general in nature and does not provide any specific guidance for the creation of a fraud solution or strategy as this site can just as easily be accessed by fraudsters as well as merchants. If you need specific guidance for your company, send us an email or give us a call to discuss your needs.
make it official - enroll now to get yourself an official fraud training certification .

Getting yourself a fraud training certification will improve your ability to prevent fraud while increasing your value and potential for advancement with your employer. The Fraud Practice offers 8 career paths and over 30 training courses related to e-commerce payments and fraud prevention. Check out our training options.

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are you a small to medium sized merchant looking for a fraud solution?

It can be difficult for small to medium businesses to find commercial solutions that are affordable for their volume levels. If you are currently looking for ways to improve and automate your fraud screening, give us call, we will provide you with a 30 minute free consultation on what is available, and who you might want to take a look at.

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  • International Payment Service Provider Buyer's Guide. This 81 page document provides an overview of the many types of features and services PSPs can offer while discussing many of the vendors servicing the market in terms of the functionalities and payment methods they offer as well as regional coverage.
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Device Identitification - 14 different consumers, 14 different IP addresses, but they are using the same computer?

The concept of device identification is not new, cookies have been around for a long time, the problem is a user can delete and manipulate a cookie. Device identification has grown into a very sophisticated science, with versions that are completely transparent to the user, to some that load applets or other programs that serve a dual purpose.

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The Chargeback Monitoring Service goes well beyond calculating fraud and chargeback levels to provide early indications of problems with a company’s payment systems, operational procedures, policies, pricing and promotions.

In short the Chargeback Monitoring Service can not only help companies manage fraud, it can also help them increase customer satisfaction and sales conversion.

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