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Offering a neutral, unbiased, source for information related to setting up and maintaining online payments and fraud prevention:


Whether you need a quick fix, or to design a new product or service, we can show you how to maximize your resources. Going with The Fraud Practice means you don't have to select or "buy-into" any particular tool or solution before the design of a payment or fraud prevention strategy.
business strategies designed for YOUR BUSINESS NOT for ANY PARTICULAR VENDOR's SOLUTION

The Fraud Practice has extensive experience working with merchants, financial institutions and service providers to assess, design, improve and bring to market new solutions for CNP (eCommerce & telephone) payments and fraud prevention. Since 2004 we have assisted over 50 notable companies in the market assessment and launching of new or improved fraud and payment strategies.Some of our past clients have included Google, Cal Israel Credit Cards, Columbia Sportswear, Polk Audio, Ixaris, Speeddate.com, ATMCASH.com, Mona Vie, NeoPets,Trafficpayment.com, Microsoft, PlayerAuctions.com, Ringcentral, and Itemmania.

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SOLUTION HIGHLIGHT: Online training portal

The Fraud Practice offer companies and individuals training options for Online, in-house and webinar based training on a variety of topics. Companies can choose from our prepared courses, job role or career track based programs or they can have complete customized training that can incorporate the application and use of their in-house fraud tools into their own on demand online programs.

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Are you in the market for a fraud assessment? Are you trying to determine how well your risk mitigation program is doing; or if there are ways to improve operational procedures, sales conversion, financial outlay or fraud losses? If you answered yes to any of these questions you should be considering our Fraud Check consulting engagement.

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SOLUTION HIGHLIGHT: chargeback monitoring

The Chargeback Monitoring Service offered by The Fraud Practice using their proprietary process of breaking down chargebacks and retrieval requests into groups, operational areas and business functions offers companies a fast and reliable monitoring tool to quickly assess and evaluate the health of their risk and operational programs. The Chargeback Monitoring Service goes well beyond calculating fraud and chargeback levels to provide early indications of problems with a company’s payment systems, operational procedures, policies, pricing and promotions.  In short the Chargeback Monitoring Service can not only help companies manage fraud, it can also help them increase customer satisfaction and sales conversion.

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