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  • Effective Methods for Using Identity Document Verification to Increase Conversion

    Many organizations choose to walk away from transactions when the customer's identity cannot be authenticated or verified using standard checks. This results in potentially losing revenue and insulting a good customer. Using Identity Document Verification allows organizations to feel more comfortable with transactions where other authentication and verification checks fail or are simply not available.


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Effective Methods for Using Identity Document Verification to Increase Conversion

Identity Document Verification is not a new concept, organizations have had customers scanning or faxing in copies of National ID cards and Passports for decades. Many organizations have in-house processes for performing Identity Document Verification, but these tend to be far different from the solutions offered by third party providers. This is both in terms of the expertise in identifying fraudulent or forged documents as well as with providing a better user experience.

Use of Consumer Authentication in eCommerce 2013 Survey
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The Effective Methods for Using Identity Document Verification to Increase Conversion white paper is focused on the use of third party services for performing Identity Document Verification as it applies to fraud detection, meeting compliance requirements and using this technique to allow more transactions an opportunity to convert. Identity Document Verification has evolved from an old-fashioned and inefficient copy and fax method into a methodology that improves accuracy as well as customer experience. These are the two must-have points for it to useful and usable.

Not only is Identity Document Verification often necessary for meeting compliance requirements in several industries, but it can also provide the opportunity for merchants and other organizations to allow more transactions the opportunity to convert by providing a means for verification when other identity authentication and verification techniques are not available or fail. In today’s society an increasing number of people don’t have a landline phone, and many good customers cannot be verified through their phone number or address. This technique provides another method for organizations to attempt verification of an identity in these cases, as well as in countries and regions where there is no reliable source of data for performing identity authentication.

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