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  • Fraud Prevention in eCommerce Report 2020/2021
    The Fraud Practice was featured in this annual report from the Paypers with an article titled "How is the eCommerce Space Influenced by the Pandemic" written by Kevin Sprake, Managing Partner.

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The Pandemic's Influence on eCommerce

This article, written by Kevin Sprake, Managing Partner of The Fraud Practice, discusses the key trends and lasting impacts from COVID-19 in the eCommerce space. This article was featured in The Paypers' annual Fraud Prevention in Ecommerce Report (2020/2021 edition). The theme for this edition of the annual report is "The Current Landscape and Emerging Fraud Trends in Commerce."

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The full Fraud Prevention in Ecommerce Report can be downloaded from The Paypers.

  • Type: Article
  • Author: Kevin Sprake, Managing Partner, The Fraud Practice
  • Presented By: The Paypers
  • Length: 4 pages
  • Cost: Free
  • Release Date: November, 2020


  • How to Detect & Mitigate Phishing Threats

    Discusses how information used for phishing may be ascertained and the high risk activity fraudsters or bots may display, including the application of techniques, technologies and third party services related to phishing, spear phishing and associated risks.

  • Account Takeover Training
    Understanding & Mitigating Account Takeover RIsk

    Businesses operating online need to take the necessary measures to understand their risk exposure to account takeover (ATO) fraud as well as familiarize themselves with how to better recognize and prevent account takeover. Policies, procedures, techniques and third party tools are all discussed in the context of how they affect account takeover risk exposure and how they can be used to mitigate account takeover risk.


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