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Greenings has powered Disruption through Talent in Payments, Analytics and Fintech since 1999. Greenings delivers cross-sector, internationally experienced leaders capable of delivering digital transformation and growth. Our knowledge and judgement bring pace and deep insights to every Executive Search.

Attract, Develop and Retain Talent in Payments & Risk

Executives understand strong talent is critical to a company’s success. It is as important to retain strong talent as it is to attract and hire new talent. Organizations must have a clearly defined top down talent strategy to attract, develop and retain the best and brightest individuals. While this is true in all industries, we take this focus specifically to the card not present channel payments and fraud space with this survey and report.

The Fraud Practice and executive search firm Greenings launched a survey related to online job training, certifications, career advancement and talent planning. Almost 100 senior business and HR leaders across leading organizations within payments, fraud and risk teams responded.  We developed this insights report discussing the key findings while providing additional context and recommendations with an HR perspective that pertains to the specialized, niche roles and expertise required for effectively managing payments and fraud.

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  • Type: White Paper, Survey Results Report and Discussion Document
  • Presented By: The Fraud Practice Inc. and Greenings
  • Length: 29 pages
  • Cost: Free
  • Release Date: December, 2020


what to expect

This survey report discusses key insights from our survey. The survey results and discussion focus on how to attract, develop and retain top talent in the payments and risk space. Topics include:

  • 1. Planning for talent in 2021 to have a competitive edge
  • 2. Partnering with a Payments & FinTech Executive Search firm to elevate your talent strategy
  • 3. Advantages of online education and certification to upskill the current workforce
  • 4. Certification benefits and how it enhances organization expertise and supports Career Path Planning

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    A core curriculum course providing an introduction to 30 plus fraud prevention techniques; what they are, high level discussion on how to employ them and big picture considerations for using them.

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    Listing over 50 eCommerce fraud prevention techniques. Learn more about each including how it fits in a risk management strategy, vendors supporting these services or techniques, alternative solutions and other key considerations.


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