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NuData’s behavior piercing technology profiles users at key interaction events on your website giving you critical evidence to stop fraud before it happens. Typical controls concentrate on the purchase but fraudsters will have built the exploit long before committing the fraud event. NuData examines behavior in events where fraudsters build their exploits so once the fraud event is to take place a detailed profile is already scored against known bad and good behavior signatures giving you the insight to take action.



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Differentiating Methods for Making Use of Behavioral Monitoring in CNP Fraud Detection

Identifying who sits behind the keyboard poses a daunting challenge for e-commerce merchants. Fraudsters breaking into databases paired with consumers falling victim to phishing attacks and other identity theft schemes makes mere user authentication obsolete. Online behavioral monitoring can help identify a real user, defending the organization from automated attacks and fraudulent purchases. It can also play a vital role in identifying high-risk users while minimizing the probability of turning away and offending a good customer due to fraud concerns. This white paper focuses on three different techniques for online behavioral monitoring, analyzes their respective strengths, and provides understanding of the potential protection and efficiency that can be provided by online behavioral monitoring system.

getting most out of consumer authentication with mobile data
  • Type: Prepared Research, White Paper, Discussion Document
  • Presented By: David Montague, The Fraud Practice
  • Length:  11 pages
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The Differentiating Methods for Making Use of Behavioral Monitoring in CNP Fraud Detection white paper discusses the three different methods for perfoming behavior analysis, and differentiates between the types of information returned. Behavioral monitoring involves sophisticated examination, working behind the scenes without disrupting or changing the user experience, and it is a good tool that can help convert good orders while still catching fraud. Useful behavioral analysis requires planning, and the system will only be as effective as the company's plan for which events should be monitored. There are many signals and uses on each level, and it is important to choose the proper behavioral monitoring techniques depending on the type of activity the organization is trying to detect. This white paper will give insight in the methods available, and show the efficiency and protection offered by behavioral monitoring.

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