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Features Analytics specializes in custom modeling for detecting payment fraud with solutions for eCommerce merchants, card issuers, acquirers and payment processors. These solutions are powered by eyeDES™ - a proprietary fraud detection and risk management platform for model design and execution. Our experienced team of data analysts delivers multiple models that can be applied in real-time to different segments or channels. These models can be easily managed, retrained and exchanged in production.



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Enabling Custom Modeling & Analytics for the Modern eCommerce Merchant

The eCommerce market has continued to mature over recent years to the benefit of both consumers and businesses that transact in this channel. As a result new markets and services have been created while existing markets have evolved and grown. Not long ago, any business seriously considering custom models would have found it expensive, timely and somewhat difficult to put in place, so the concept of implementing custom models was left for large financial and retail organizations that had the resources to afford the cost and teams that could support the models. This is no longer the case today, however, as the maturation and growth of these services has made custom modeling and analytics much more accessible and attainable to a far greater population of eCommerce merchants.

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  • Type: Prepared Research, White Paper, Discussion Document
  • Presented By: David Montague, The Fraud Practice
  • Length: 19 pages
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The Enabling Custom Modeling & Analytics for the Modern eCommerce Merchant white paper discusses considerations around employing custom modeling and analytics today. These considerations are different than from a decade ago as today this doesn’t mean an organization has to build it in-house and hire deep expertise; merchants have options for partial and full outsourced solutions for custom modeling.

Since this technique was originally engineered and marketed toward high volume financial institutions, most merchants would not have given it full consideration in the past, but pricing structures and access to affordable maintenance resources and expertise have changed market perception. Even still, most merchants have limited knowledge on what custom modeling is, or how it could help their current fraud program. This white paper from The Fraud Practice provides discussion and important considerations around the use of custom modeling to help organizations determine if it is something they are able to or should support including options for integrating this risk management technique.

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  • fraud library operational providers post transaction
    Fraud Library Technique Page: Modeling & Analytics.

    Modeling and Analytics solution providers focus on providing tools or services related to the analysis of data to create custom models and blended solutions. The key word is modeling, and more specifically the building of custom models.

  • Making Sense of the Fraud Vendor Landscape.

    With so many fraud vendors and solutions to choose from in the market, how do you know what will work best for your company? How do you compare vendors and solutions? This session provides a method to categorize fraud solutions and services into 8 groups so you can better perform apples-to-apples comparisons. The session builds on the “Moving from Tools to Solutions” session by providing a description of what each group focuses on, where they are best applied, along with a list of commonly used vendors in each category


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