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Building the Business Case: When it Makes Sense to Outsource Manual Reviews

For most merchants operating in the CNP channel manual reviews are a necessity. If not relying on manual reviews for a subset of questionable orders then a merchant is either turning away too many good customers or allowing too many fraudsters to pass through. Since many merchants rely on manual reviews for effective risk management, they should be performed in the most cost effective way. This white paper is focused on building the business case for making considerations around maximizing the net benefit of performing manual reviews. This includes understanding the full costs and effectiveness of reviews performed in-house to then compare the costs and performance of third party providers and best understand which party can provide the most value, and when.

manual review white paper
  • Type: Prepared Research, White Paper, Discussion Document
  • Presented By: The Fraud Practice
  • Length: 18 pages
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The intent of this white paper is to assist organizations that conduct manual reviews in-house with performing a detailed analysis to fully understand the costs associated with reviews and the value they provide. Only after current in-house performance and costs are accurately measured can merchants make comparisons to weigh the costs and benefits of what third party services can offer. After conducting this internal analysis, many merchants will find that there are some orders not worth the time or cost of an in-house review. For some merchants, these orders are reviewed anyway, eating in to the margin and making the order not profitable.

Merchants need not limit themselves to what they can provide in-house in terms of manual review. Depending on the internal costs and performance of conducting reviews in-house, a merchant may benefit by sending some of their orders to a third party. It may be that the service can convert orders a merchant would have otherwise walked away from, or that they can provide a decision on some, or even all orders, at a lower cost than what the merchant incurs by doing this internally. Merchants that never consider outside help with manual reviews are doing themselves a disservice, but the first step is building the business case to compare third party options to the current costs and performance of in-house manual review processes.

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    Outsourcing Manual Reviews Doesn't Have to Be an All-or-Nothing Decision

    An artcile discussing circumstances when it may best for an organization to seek third party vendor help with manual reviews and risk management while retaining anywhere from some to most of this responsibility in-house.

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    Introduction to Manual Review Tools

    Provides methods for how to authenticate and verify a consumer’s name, address, phone and email online. It also provides demonstrations and examples of how to perform manual reviews using free and low cost online sites.

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    Impact of Manual Reviews on Your Customers & Brand

    The Fraud Practice discusses the importance of taking the time to consider the options for performing manual review as it is a good way to protect the two most important assets a merchant has: their customer and their brand.


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