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Confidence Indicator services are a new risk management technique that provide insight into how users respond to questions where it is critical to know if they are telling the truth. Organizations use fraud checks to determine if an applicant is who they say they are, and credit checks to help determine if an applicant is likely to default; but neither do well in verifying qualification risk based on how an applicant answered questions on their application. Wouldn’t you like to know what may be hiding behind an applicant’s answers on an online application?

Confidence Indicator white paper
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This white paper discusses Confidence Indicator services as a risk management technique and in the context of application on-boarding and credit risk management. This technique provides insight into the nuances of social queues and “tells,” that are lost when you no longer have the applicant physically present. Instead of seeing these nuances they are replaced with a digital proxy or view of how the applicant answered questions, which provides insights about the authenticity of what the applicant said. This is characterized as a “digital body language” to accompany the answers a consumer provides on a questionnaire, application or form that they complete on a computer or mobile device.

This white paper focuses on the application and use of Confidence Indicator services when it comes to qualifying credit or loan applicants to make better credit risk decisions and have opportunity to approve more applications; although these services have many other applications in the commercial market including insurance and claims fraud, training/compliance, customer experience and lead generation.

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    Confidence Indicator TECHNIQUE Course & Data Sheet.

    The Confidence Indicator Services Technique course and accompanying data sheet provide a detailed overview of how this technique works, where it is applied, how it fits into a risk management strategy as well as vendors and alternative service offerings available in the market. It is an essential resource for Banks and online lenders, insurance providers, financial services businesses and other organizations that have an on-boarding process or are considering the use of Confidence Indicator services.

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    Confidence Indicators Technique Page - Fraud Library

    The Fraud Practice's Fraud Library Technique page describing and discussing Confidence Indicator Services as a risk management technique used in the Customer Not Present Channel.


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