Are you in the market for alternative payments? Our Guide to Alternative Payments can help you make a more informed decision. 

A Guide to Alternative Payments is a prepared research document, over 80 pages in length, intended to provide organizations an overview of the eCommerce alternative payment options and markets.

This white paper was designed for merchants, solution providers, financial institutions, investment firms, industry analysts, venture capitalist and legal authorities looking to learn more about the alternate payment markets, industries and companies servicing the space.

The Guide goes beyond a general market assessment to provide information businesses need to assess solution options and service providers.  The Guide also includes easy-to-understand reference tables on regional service providers (over 100 service providers), preferences and capabilities. 

Included with the purchase of this prepared research is access for one person to The Fraud Practice Training Portal for the online course "Fundamentals for Selecting eCommerce Payment Options".

Readers of this White Paper should expect to gain:

  • An introduction to the types of solution options available and the service providers that offer them.
  • An in-depth understanding of the market dynamics, vertical market preferences, regional preferences and reasons to implement these services.
  • A discussion on emerging markets where alternative payments are flourishing
  • A general introduction to the capabilities and services provided by the major players in each of the 8 solution option groups.

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The Fraud Practice  provides a neutral, unbiased, source for information related to the fraud solution provider marketplace.  Our independence from any particular solution, coupled with years of experience in the space, allow us to analyze, recommend and implement solutions more quickly and creatively than our competitors.


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A Guide to Alternative Payments

Service OfferingA Guide to Alternative Payments

Type: Prepared Research, White Paper, Discussion Document

Last Update: June, 2019 

Length:  83 pages

Cost: $800 (includes online training course)

Table of Contents:

1. Markets & Market Size
  1.1   North America
  1.2   Europe
  1.3   Africa & Middle East
  1.4   Asia Pacific
  1.5   Latin America
2. Online & Alternative Payment Preferences
  2.1   North America
  2.2   Europe
  2.3   Africa & Middle East
  2.4   Asia Pacific
  2.5   Latin America
3. Alternative Payment Trends
  3.1   Impact of Alternative Payments
  3.2   Alternative Payments and Mobile
  3.3   Verticals Most Impacted by Alternative Payments
  3.4   Crypto Currency as a Payment Option
  3.5   Alternative Payments and Cross-Border Transactions
  3.6   Mindshare for Alternative Payments
4. Customers & Clients of Alternative Payments
5. Why Businesses Turn to Alternative Payments
6. eCommerce Payment Solution Options
  6.1   Group 1 – Payment Cards
   6.1.1   Card Associations
   6.1.2   Mind Share
   6.1.3   Market Share
  6.2  Group 2 – Direct Debit
  6.2.1   Providers
   6.2.2   Mind Share
   6.2.3   Market Share
   6.3 Group 3 – Payment Aggregators
   6.3.1   Providers
   6.3.2   Mind Share
   6.3.3   Market Share
  6.4  Group 4 – Credit Terms
   6.4.1   Providers
   6.4.2   Mind Share
   6.4.3   Market Share
 6.5  Group 5 – Cash Alternatives
  6.5.1   Providers
   6.5.2   Mind Share
   6.5.3   Market Share
  6.6  Group 6 – Advertising Alternatives
   6.6.1   Providers
   6.6.2   Mind Share
   6.6.3   Market Share
  6.7  Group 7 – Mobile Payments
   6.7.1   Providers
   6.7.2   Mind Share
   6.7.3   Market Share
  6.8  Group 8 – Invoice
   6.8.1   Providers
   6.8.2   Mind Share
   6.8.3   Market Share
7. Index of Alternative payment Providers
  7.1  Payment Cards
  7.2  Direct Debit, Bank Transfer and ACH
  7.3  Payment Aggregators
  7.4  Credit Terms Alternatives
  7.5  Cash Alternatives
  7.6  Advertising Alternative
  7.7  Mobile
   7.7.1   Direct to Carrier Billing (CNP)
   7.7.2   mCommerce Wallet
  7.8  eInvoice
8. Vendor to Category Graphic
9. Vendor to Category Matrix
10. Vendor to Region Matrix

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  • The Fraud practice llc.

    Offering a neutral, unbiased, source for information related to setting up and maintaining solutions for online payments and fraud prevention.

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  • Become an ecommerce payment professional.

    As a professional training track, these individuals would be considered super specialist and is focused on individuals who are responsible for an organization's strategic guidance related to payment functions.


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