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The Chargeback Monitoring Service goes well beyond calculating fraud and chargeback levels to provide early indications of problems with a company’s payment systems, operational procedures, policies, pricing and promotions.

In short the Chargeback Monitoring Service can not only help companies manage fraud, it can also help them increase customer satisfaction and sales conversion.

  • The chargeback monitoring service offered by The Fraud Practice uses a proprietary process of breaking down chargebacks and retrieval requests into groups, operational areas and business functions offering companies a fast and reliable monitoring tool to quickly assess and evaluate the health of their risk and operational programs.
  • What makes our approach different. Chargeback management can be more of an art than a science, as there are literally hundreds of different chargeback reason codes and  a number of variables that are not universally processed the same way by card associations and issuers. Most companies and acquirers don’t have the expertise to provide meaningful value, i.e the ability to take chargeback data and use it to improve business operations, to monitoring chargebacks.  In a lot of cases we see it as the blind leading the blind on the topic. The Fraud Practice’s Chargeback Monitoring Service is intended to provide a report that managers can use to quickly and reliably assess chargeback data into actionable tasks. For most companies the reports they get from the service will provide insight into chargebacks they never knew existed. For companies that have chargeback monitoring in place the report will provide a faster and more efficient means to assess the data; but more importantly it will provide views into chargeback data that they may have never thought of before.
  • While chargeback monitoring is not an exact science, our experience in the fraud and eCommerce space provides us a unique ability to break down chargeback data in such a way that companies can spot problem areas earlier, allowing them to avoid larger problems with fraud or customer service down the road.

  • how does it work? There are two parts to the Chargeback Monitoring Service; First, the initial setup of an historical baseline and Second, ongoing monitoring. Companies participating in the service are under no commitment to use the service on an ongoing basis and can discontinue the service at any time. 
  • Companies participating in the Chargeback Monitoring Service will be taken through an initial setup process that includes the creation of an historical one year baseline report. The Fraud Practice will provide a detailed data schema upon signup into the program (data requirements to use the service require no Personal Identification Information (PII) to use the service) for providing data through our secure website.  Upon receiving the data our systems will breakdown the data which will be analyzed by our team of experts and reviewed in detail with you to indicate past events along with root cause determination. Once the historical baseline is created, a company can begin to use the ongoing monitoring service whenever they desire. Companies have the option too request we perform a more detailed event mapping which includes the overlay of significant business events into a special add-on report.

is it rightfor you?

  • First consider, how well do you understand chargebacks and retrieval requests? Do you really understand what all of those reason codes mean? Does your company currently do anything today to group, review and use chargeback data to asses operational and company health? If you are like most companies you probably track chargebacks simply as a monthly count and amount of loss. In fact you probably track chargebacks simply as a means to monitor fraud, even though you know they aren’t all from fraud. 
  • Did you know that chargebacks can provide early indications of problems with your product quality, billing and accounting systems, company policies, payment systems, fulfillment processes, customer service and payment systems? Because most companies don’t have a strong understanding of chargebacks and retrieval requests, they tend to view chargebacks as a one(chargebacks=fraud) or two(chargebacks=fraud or customer service) dimensional concept. From our perspective chargeback monitoring is a multi-dimensional concept and a one or two dimensional view of chargebacks doesn’t provide the full value a company can get from monitoring chargebacks.
  • If your company is accepting Visa, MasterCard and American Express  there are over 300 different reason codes you could receive with a chargeback. The Fraud Practice’s Chargeback Monitoring Service has automated the processes used by their consultants to evaluate clients’ chargebacks to break down these 300 different reason codes into more meaningful and actionable groupings. With the Chargeback Monitoring Service your chargebacks are broken down into four major group types clearly indicating self-inflicted as well as fraudulent chargebacks. The Chargeback Monitoring Service further breaks down the chargebacks into seven operational areas and over 40 actionable business functions.  Using the service allows companies to focus mitigation efforts on specific functional areas to improve the company’s performance in chargebacks as well as product/service delivery to their customers.


The heart of the service is the Chargeback Monitoring Report. Companies participating in the Chargeback Monitoring Service can request a Chargeback Monitoring Report at any time. The Chargeback Monitoring Report is a 10 to 17 page report covering historical (past 12 months) and current period analysis on chargebacks and retrievals.  

The report provides summary and detailed health indicators as well as trending and performance statistics along with guidance on specific areas requiring investigation.  Every report generated is reviewed and analyzed by a fraud specialist to look for problems, as well as high impact, areas for improvement.  Lastly companies receive a 30   minute telephone-consult with a fraud specialist to review the results of the Chargeback Monitoring Report.

New To Chargebacks

If you are new to chargebacks and need to get a better understanding of what they are and why you need to monitor them, than take a look at our Fraud Library for a quick overview on chargebacks and doing business online. While you will find that no one is really excited about charge-backs, as a company doing business online you need to manage them; or risk losing your merchant account.

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Risk free guarantee with 25% off setup fee if you signup before December 2011.

We are so confident that you will be satisfied with the quality of the Chargeback Monitoring Service reports that we won't charge you for the setup of your account until you have recieved the first report and are satisfied with the quality of the report.

If you signup before September 2011 you will also get 50% off your setup fee when you signup for the Chargeback Monitoring Service.

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Fraud Check - Fraud Assessment. Are you in the market for a fraud assessment? Are you trying to determine how well your risk mitigation program is doing; or if there are ways to improve operational procedures, sales conversion, financial outlay or fraud losses? If you answered yes to any of these questions you should be considering our Fraud Check consulting engagement.



  • No problems with PCI - no personal identification information (PII) is required to use the monitoring service.
  • No long term contracts or commitments to use the service. You choose when you want to run a report and you only get charged when you request a report from the service. Companies can choose to run the report daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually or on adhoc basis.
  • Includes real data analysis and a one-on-one review of your results from our team of fraud and eCommerce experts.
  • Low cost monitoring option. With a low setup fee and per report pricing structure, the cost to use the monitoring service can easily be recouped by merchants from being able to catch operational problems more quickly.

Online Training Options

Introduction to Credit Card Chargebacks.This is an online fundamentals training session covering the basic information about chargebacks everyone on a risk team needs to know, from the manual review staff to the risk manager. From the basic definitions of chargebacks and other key terminology to the details of the representment process and evidence needed to dispute a chargeback, this session covers fundamental knowledge about the chargeback process.

Advanced Analytics for Credit Card Chargebacks.The Advanced Analytics for Credit Card Chargebacks training course introduces a methodology for performing chargeback monitoring and analytics including: how to classify chargebacks in terms of the underlying operational business functions from where they arise; performing chargeback impact analysis and interpreting chargeback data to identify specific problems to include types of fraud attacks.