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In addition to working with companies to formally assess and launch new payment and fraud strategies we also provide extensive training programs, in-house and online.

Mr. Montague is a published author, having written "Fraud Prevention Techniques For Credit Card Fraud" (published 2004) and “Essentials of Online Payment Security and Fraud Prevention (published 2010), and speaks regularly about eCommerce fraud. He has been a featured speaker at such events as: Merchant Risk Council (MRC), Direct Response Forum (DRF), National Retail Federation (NRF) Fraud and Loss Prevention Conference, Offervault CPA Leadership Summit, Retail Week’s Retail Solutions Show, Retail Week’s United Kingdom Risk Management Conferences, CyberSABOTAGE Conferences, Nestor Fraud Symposiums, Microsoft  Tech-Ed and a host of other seminars and workshops around the world.


david montagueFounder

Mr. Montague is the founder The Fraud Practice. He has spent the last 20+ years working in the eCommerce space, and is well respected for his business knowledge and thought leadership. His background includes an in-depth application of innovative solutions for preventing business to consumer e-commerce fraud. Prior to founding The Fraud Practice he held positions as the Director of Risk Solutions at CyberSource Inc. and National Principal at IBM Global Services. Mr. Montague has a proven track record of leading successful consulting engagements such as:

Along with a Master's Degree in Information Management, Mr. Montague offers extensive knowledge in electronic payments and fraud prevention with over 20 years of consulting and product development experience specifically related to this space. He has a history of designing, developing and deploying innovative technical solutions for major e-merchants, payment providers and risk vendors such as Google, CAL Israel Credit Cards, Retail Payment’s Group and CyberSource.

Mr. Montague is an active member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners ACFE, Gerson Lehrman Group GLG Council, Coleman Research Group Executive Forum and the Society of Industry Leaders.

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books bydavid montague

  • Essentials of online payment security and fraud prevention, by david a. montague, wiley publishing 2010.

    Need a quick primer to e-commerce fraud prevention? The Essentials series explains how to hit the ground running in preventing fraud in your business's e-commerce efforts.

    read more
  • fraud prevention techniques for credit card fraud, by david a. montague, trafford publishing 2004.

    Learn the techniques and strategies to feel secure about accepting credit cards online or over the phone.

    read more
  • Management Training

  • Build & Manage High Performing Risk Teams.

    Provides a detailed approach to managing fraud and security teams created by David Montague which includes examples and applications for two different methods of defining and describing how risk management is actually applied. This includes application of the four fundamental pillars of risk management as well as a four component effort and resource allocation plan for maintaining risk management strategies over the long-run.

  • Managing Risk Teams to Deliver With Speed.

    Management level training course that defines and discusses the application of a methodology for managing risk in the near-, medium- and long-term by balancing different fraud and risk management initiatives. This methodology, created by David Montague, enables risk teams to respond with promptly while continuing to manage longer-term goals.


  • In the Press - Retail Online Integration Data Security and Beyond: A Cost Effective Approach to Online Fraud Protection for Retailers.
  • In the Press - Card Not Present.com
    Buy Versus Build, a Case Study.
  • Testimonials - Reliable

    "David consistently delivers results above expectations – so you can count on him to get the job done right. I highly recommend David to any company looking for an expert in risk management, fraud prevention and online payments".

  • Testimonials - Detail Oriented

    “David is a well respected and knowledgeable executive consultant. He is detail oriented, hard working, and is able to assimilate a wide variety of business and technical issues into specific recommendations and strategies for clients.”

  • Testimonials - On-Time

    “David has both a high level of expertise in fraud prevention, and the ability to get the projects done on-time regardless of their complexity. He defined the fraud engines and a lot of the credit infrastructure for Google from scratch. You can get a sense of David's expertise from his book, but equally impressive are his intelligence and his ability to work in highly demanding organizations to provide a suite of results from vision to reports with detailed trends, for example.”

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