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  • Moving Beyond the Device While device identification is a great tool, you need to have a good overall solution to make a real impact with it. Learn how to evaluate and integrate device identification into a fraud strategy.


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moving beyondthe device

With 7 years of market history, Device Identification, also called Device Fingerprinting, is entering the mainstream.  Generally speaking device identification has proven to be a valuable and worthwhile tool for online fraud prevention; the problem is while device identification can provide valuable data on identity morphing, authentication and repeat fraud most businesses fail to realize the full potential of device identification because they view and implement it as a stand-alone or bolt-on piece of functionality.

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  • Author: The Fraud Practice: David Montague
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what to expect

Device Identification, also called Device Fingerprinting, is a relatively young technology tool used in online fraud prevention to establish a unique ID for a device that is attempting to access a website. The intent of device identification in a big picture context is to establish an ID that can be replicated across user access attempts while providing uniqueness such to differentiate one entity from all others accessing the site. Device Identification is not a fraud solution, it is a tool within a solution, and the point of this white paper is to understand the methods you can employ to fully integrate Device Identification into your fraud solution so you can move beyond the device.


  • fundamentals for understanding geolocation & device identification.

    Covers the use cases and methods for integrating and making use of geolocation data and device indentification in a fraud strategy.


    A core curriculum course providing an introduction to 30 plus fraud prevention techniques; what they are, high level discussion on how to employ them and big picture considerations for using them.

  • The Fraud practice llc.

    Offering a neutral, unbiased, source for information related to setting up and maintaining solutions for online payments and fraud prevention.


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