This training track focuses on providing personnel focused on positioning, selling and managing merchants payment related products and services for the CNP channels (Internet, Telephone and Mail Order) with the fundamental knowledge they need to provide value and differentiation related to fraud and payments.

Target Audience: CMO, VP of Sales, Director of Sales, Direct Sales Manager, Account Executive, Account Manager, Business Development Manager, Sales Associates.

  • Course synopsis. The competition for fraud prevention service providers for the CNP channel is at an all time high. For individuals in a sales or account management role it is critical to be able to differentiate yourself and show value in your interaction with prospective and current merchants. For the CNP market, electronic payments and fraud are intertwined, and one of the best ways to demonstrate value with merchants is to be able to show you understand and can provide real insight in how to optimize and maintain a healthy payment and fraud operation. This track is designed to help you do just that, by providing a good working knowledge on eCommerce payments and an executive overview on basic principals for managing fraud within the CNP channel.
  • This career track consists of six (6) training courses:

  • what can you expect to get out of this career Track? After completing this training sales personnel should be able to operate in a consultative capacity with merchants related to epayments and fraud management. Individuals should be able to discuss the impact of fraud on a merchant as well as to be able to discuss best practices for merchants to evaluate and manage fraud within their operations. The intent of the sales professional tract is not to make sales personnel experts in fraud management, but to provide them with a strong working knowledge of the strategic planning and executive management considerations that apply to managing fraud and epayments in a business.
  • Training Objectives:(1) Learn about the key players and steps required to take credit card payments online. (2) Learn how to read and interpret credit card fees. (3) Learn about the impact and costs associated with fraud to include chargeback fees and high risk programs. (4) Learn about the techniques and methods fraudsters have used to steal from businesses online. (5) Learn how to perform merchant qualification within a sales cycle to spot potential problems with underwriting. (6) Learn how to discuss with merchants the proper methods for planning for a fraud mitigation program. (7) Learn how to discuss with merchants how fraud impacts their business beyond just financial loss. (8) Learn methods for positioning and putting fraud prevention services and solutions in proper context for a merchant's operation.
  • Expected time to complete the Track: 6 to 9 hours (includes session tests and final exam) (You don't need to take the entire career path in one sitting. This career path is broken down into training sessions that last from 8 to 15 minutes each making it easy to work the training program into a busy schedule).
  • course access & availability. Unrestricted - Online, In-House and Webinar, This course is available online and can be started online at anytime, to be taken at your own pace. If you have any questions about the course please contact us at 1-888-227-0402 for more information.
  • Pricing & Online enrollment. Take this track online for only $440 by enrolling now.
  • we want 100% customer satisfaction. There is nothing worse than signing up for training only to find out that it wasn't on the topic you expected, or it wasn't advanced enough to provide value. If you have any doubt about the fit of a course to your particular needs, please give us a call. We will be happy to discuss the course, and to provide a more detailed overview on the content to ensure you make the most of your training dollars and time.

Optional Training: (Additional costs apply) If you answer yes to any of the following you may also want to consider taking additional training courses:

1.) Does your company offer a managed service option? Introduction to Managed Services for Fraud Prevention

2.) Does your company offer ACH payments? Introduction to ACH Payments

3.) Does your company offer PayPal support? Introduction to PayPal Payments

4.) Do you need to know about alternative payment options for eCommerce? Fundamentals for Selecting eCommerce Payment Options

5.) Does your company sell a fraud solution/service? Fundamentals for Selecting a Fraud Solution Provider

short on

If you only have time for one course take "Managing Fraud Related to ePayments in a Business, an Executive Overview."
  • Read Moremanaging fraud related to epayments in a business.

    A management perspective on theories, best practices and methods to manage fraud with ePayments.  This session covers fraud exposure with ePayments, methods to balance and optimise risk exposure, methods to measure the health of a risk mitigation program; as well as methods to set a more productive mindset for risk mitigation in a company

program overview

      • SCORM compliant
      • Available 24x7
      • Practice quizzes, progress tracking
      • Final Exams
      • Certificates of completion
      • Fast reliable online presentation
      • Easy to use and understand
      • Courses are broken down into 15 to 20 minute lessons to make it easier to find the time to complete the lessons with a busy schedule

The Fraud Practice


  • Read MoreIntroduction to eCommerce credit card payments.

    Covers the credit card process flow defining each of the "payment players"; reviews payment concepts such as authorizations, settlements, reversals, chargebacks and the credit card association's high risk programs.

  • Read Moreintroduction to ecommerce fraud fundamentals.

    Provides participants foundation level knowledge about the theories, best practices and terminology surrounding electronic payment fraud. Presented in a standard format covering the history of eCommerce Fraud, consumer fraud, merchant fraud, fraudster motivation, fraud trends, identity verification and phishing.

  • Read MoreMaking sense of the fraud vendor landscape

    With so many fraud vendors and solutions to choose from in the market, how do you know what will work best for your company? How do you compare vendors and solutions? This session provides a method to categorize fraud solutions and services into 8 groups so you can better perform apples-to-apples comparisons. The session builds on the “Moving from Tools to Solutions” session by providing a description of what each group focuses on, where they are best applied, along with a list of commonly used vendors in each category.

  • Read Moreecommerce fraud: moving from tools to solutions.

    This session covers what constitutes a fraud solution and categorizes the many types of third party fraud tools. The course outlines the common terminology of fraud solutions and describes the capabilities needed to implement a fraud solution.

  • Read Moreintroduction to ecommerce merchant underwriting considerations.

    Attendees of this course can expect to learn about the factors and traits of a merchant that influence their level of risk, the various controls acquirers use to mitigate risk and how mandating certain controls can restrict the pool of potential merchants, as well as learning about many sources and techniques for verifying ecommerce merchants coming from all over the world.

  • Read Moremanaging fraud related to epayments in a business.

    A management perspective on theories, best practices and methods to manage fraud with ePayments.  This session covers fraud exposure with ePayments, methods to balance and optimise risk exposure, methods to measure the health of a risk mitigation program; as well as methods to set a more productive mindset for risk mitigation in a company.

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