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the fraud practice provides the following training courses related to understanding the payment methods and payment preferences as well as the risk management, regulatory and tax considerations for expanding ecommerce sales to new regions.

The following courses require no previous knowledge or training on the subject matter to understand the material. If you have any questions on the content of any of our courses or aren't sure what you should be taking, contact us at questions@fraudpractice.com

  • The payment methods that provide strong sales and conversion in one region cannot be expected to yield the same results in another country or region. eCommerce payment methods and preferences are fragmented and diverse. While traditional card based payments are the norm in the United States and United Kingdom, bank account based and other alternative payment methods are some of the most common in Germany and the Netherlands.Offering local payment methods and appealing to local payment preferences are crucial factors contributing to success when expanding sales abroad, and in the online channel there are many different payment methods to choose from.
  • Getting paid online starts with understanding how and which e-payments you should be taking, and this varies across different nations and regions.
  • This group of courses is focused on the prevailing international payment preferences across the nations and regions of the world. When considering expanding online sales to new markets it is important to first consider factors such as the current status of the eCommerce market and the expected growth rates, the dominant online payment methods, as well as the local payment methods and preferences in the major eCommerce markets of each region.
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  • we want 100% customer satisfaction. There is nothing worse than signing up for training only to find out that it wasn't on the topic you expected, or it wasn't advanced enough to provide value. If you have any doubt about the fit of a course to your particular needs, please give us a call. We will be happy to discuss the courses that are available, and to provide more detailed overviews on content to ensure you make the most of your training dollars and time.
  • taking the courses. Courses are offered either online, onsite or via webinars. All of our courses are available to be taken in a group setting, either onsite or via a webinar. Not all courses are available to take online. On each of the corresponding course description pages you will find an indicator letting you know if a course has an online option for delivery.
  • course availability. While most of our introduction level courses are are open to the general public, our core and advanced courses will require that you register over the phone with The Fraud Practice prior to taking the course online. Due to the sensitive nature of some of the material in these courses, we will need to verify and authenticate students that are looking to take these courses.
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we have 13 free articles related to e-payments available in our fraud library.

Our Fraud Library is an excellent training resource offering free articles and references to get you started. In our fraud library you will find articles on taking credit card payments, the payment players, ACH payments, mobile payments, direct debit transactions as well as advertising payments to name a few...

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        • Courses are broken down into 10 to 20 minute lessons to make it easier to find the time to complete the lessons with a busy schedule


  • eCommerce Payments in the UK United Kingdom online training courseRead More
    ecommerce payments in the united kingdom.

    Provides an introduction to eCommerce in the United Kingdom including discussions on the eCommerce market volume, web penetration, payment card ownership, payment preferences, tax, fraud and other considerations for doing eCommerce business in the UK.

  • eCommerce Payments in Germany DE online training courseRead More
    ecommerce payments in Germany.

    Discusses considerations for eCommerce in Germany including market volume, web and mobile penetration, online payment preferences, fraud and bad debt risks and other considerations for doing eCommerce business in Germany.

  • eCommerce Payments in the United States USA online training courseRead More ecommerce payments in The UNITED STATES.

    Provides an introduction to the largest eCommerce market in the world discussing current eCommerce statistics and forecasts, local payment preferences, as well as fraud, payment, tax, regulatory and other considerations for selling online in the United States.

  • eCommerce Payments in France FR online training courseRead MoreeCommerce Payments in France.

    Discusses the eCommerce market and online payment preferences for the third largest eCommerce market in Europe including discussions on web and mobile penetration, payment card ownership as well as risk management and regulatory considerations for the French market.

  • eCommerce Payments in Spain Espana ES online training courseRead MoreeCommerce Payments in Spain.

    Provides essential knowledge for opening eCommerce sales to Spain, the fourth largest eCommerce market in Western Europe, including discussions on web and mobile penetration, payment card ownership, alternative payment methods and preferences as well as risk management and regulatory considerations for the eCommerce market in Spain.