Managing fraudrelated to epayments in a business

This session is intended to be an “Executive Summary” session, providing participants a management perspective about the theories, best practices and methods they can use to effectively manage fraud with ePayments. 

The following course is considered an executive series track, and assumes you have a working knowledge on running an eCommerce business.

This course was last updated in August, 2017 to reflect the changing alternative payments landscape. Now offered in HTML5 and compatible with all mobile devices.

  • Course synopsis. The fact is if you are doing business online or via the telephone, your company is at risk for fraud. Regardless if you own your business, are a senior executive, an entrepreneur or you are a professional looking to work and operate in the online market, you need to understand how to take and manage payments while minimizing your company’s exposure to risk and fraud. This session is intended for managers, executive management, business owners and entrepreneurs that are looking for a high level perspective on fraud exposure and managing a risk operation team in their business. Individuals that complete this course will gain an understanding on the risks associated with online and telephone payments; they will learn about how to balance those risks, and to measure their company and teams performance in risk mitigation; and they will learn about how they can set a more productive strategic mindset in their organization when it comes to risk mitigation.
  • what can you expect to get out of this course? (1) Gain a thorough understanding of the risks associated with accepting payments in the online channel. (2) Understand how to approach balancing the need to collect payments online with the risk of fraud and loss. (3) Discussions on the practices and methods to establish a risk management strategic mindset within your organization.
  • Training Objectives: (1) Be able to discuss the risks associated with taking online payments. (2) Identify the points where a company could be exposed to fraud and the factors that can influence risk. (3) Be able to describe the strategic goals of a risk management program.
  • Expected time to complete the course: 90 minutes (includes session quizzes and final exam).
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    A management perspective on theories, best practices and methods to manage fraud with ePayments.  This session covers fraud exposure with ePayments, methods to balance and optimize risk exposure, methods to measure the health of a risk mitigation program; as well as methods to set a more productive mindset for risk mitigation in a company.

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