David Montague to Speak at Retail Online Integration Webinar

David Montague will be a featured speaker at the Retail Online Integration September 20, 2012 webinar titled Data Security and Beyond: A Cost Effective Approach to Online Fraud Protection for Retailers.

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Tens of Thousands of Fraud Attempts, None Successful

Case Study – ATMCASH.com.We always seem to hear about the successful fraudsters who cheated merchants, but we don’t often hear about the successful merchants in stopping fraudsters. ATMCASH is an online money remittance business that, since its inception in 2005, has been able to maintain fraud losses well below the expected rates for their high risk vertical market. This is a remarkable feat for any online business, but an even greater accomplishment in the money movement vertical, an industry that sees a persistently high number of fraud attempts while the costs of fraud prevention and fraud losses have driven many entrants out of business. READ MORE