Number of Disclosed Data Breaches Down 50% but Exposed Records Up 400% in First Half of 2020

While there are some questions around the number of data breaches thus far, 2020 is shaping up to be a record year in terms of number of records compromised at least. According to a study on data breaches and compromised data during the first six months of the year, there have been just over 2,000 data breaches but 27 billion records exposed, which is 12 billion more than the number of records compromised in all of 2019.

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MasterCard Forms New Partnerships to Proliferate Use of Tokens

MasterCard seeks to solidify their place as a premier token service provider as they recently formed partnerships with Synchrony Financial and Citi Retail Services to support tokenization for several private label payment cards. The card association also announced plans to expand token services for mobile and eCommerce merchants with recurring billing and card-on-file programs.

These issuer-based tokens are what are used with Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay. The merchant never receives the actual payment card information, and neither does their processor. Rather they are provided with a token which the card association can connect to the card issuer for authorization, and as a result the merchant can receive an authorizations response and process the transaction without needing to possess or transmit the 16 digit Primary Account Number (PAN).

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