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The fraud reference section provides an assortment of articles and references related to fraud mitigation and electronic payments.
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As a specialist track, the training track focuses on providing personnel in a team lead, supervisory or first line management role related to fraud mitigation the information they need to be a more effective leader for their team by providing background training related to multiple operational roles.

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  • IP Geolocation. Geolocation services provide detailed information about a consumer's worldwide location, line speed, domain, etc. It is used primarily to verify the consumer’s data to determine where the consumer is at the time of purchase. Geolocation Services can be used for fraud prevention and also used for export and regulatory compliance.
  • Device Identification. Device Identification is a technique used to establish a "fingerprint" of a users computer or other web access device in order to track their activity and determine linkages between other devices.
  • Reverse Lookups Phone/Address/Email. The reverse lookup is used to cross check the address and phone information a consumer has provided to you with a third-party resource to verify that the public records show the same consumer’s name is associated with the provided address and phone information.
  • Identity Authentication. Electronic Identity authentication is the ability to collect, authenticate and confirm the personally identifiable information provided by a end user. This could be as simple as being able to match a name, address and phone number, to verifying more specific data such as date of birth, social security number or national identity number.



Ecommerce Fraud Fundamentals

Managing Fraud Related to ePayments in a Business is a management perspective on theories, best practices and methods to manage fraud with ePayments. This session covers fraud exposure with ePayments, methods to balance and optimize risk exposure, methods to measure the health of a risk mitigation program; as well as methods to set a more productive mindset for risk mitigation in a company

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Prepared Research

A Guide to the Alternative Payments Landscape. A Guide to Alternative Payments is a prepared research document, 60 pages in length, intended to provide organizations an overview of the eCommerce alternative payment options and markets.

Fraud Solution Provider Landscape. The Fraud Solution Provider Competitive Lanscape is a prepared research document, 31 pages in length, intended for organizations looking to gain an introductory understanding to the fraud solution marketplace and the the fraud solution providers servicing that market. The competitive landscape document makes references to over 100 fraud solution providers.