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The Fraud Practice offers and extensive online training catalog of more than 40 courses and 10 professional certification tracks. Find out more at CNPTraining.com.

Mr. McDonald has led the development of The Fraud Practice's online training and professional certification programs. This includes the creation of new training courses as well as updates to the extensive existing catalog. Mr. McDonald draws on both his direct consulting experience and keen eye on industry trends, as he often leads payment and risk industry data surveys and regularly wrties about current industry events on The Fraud Practice's FraudBlog.

Mr. McDonald leads risk management assessment, market assessments and many other types of consulting engagements with merchants, payment and risk vendors across the globle.


Justin McDonaldSr. Risk Management Consultant

Mr. McDonald is a Senior Risk Management Consultant with The Fraud Practice where he conducts data and business analysis for merchants, payment and risk vendors as well as private equity clients with business interests in the Card Not Present channel. Beyond providing direct consulting to clients, Mr. McDonald has led the data analysis and technical writing of more than ten published payment and risk industry reports, and has presented report findings and led other discussions at payment and risk industry events such as the Merchant Risk Council (MRC) and Card Not Present (CNP) Expo.

Mr. McDonald holds a Master of Science degree in Applied Economics, Bachelor of Science degree in International Affairs & Economics, as well as the eCommerce Fraud Professional Certification. In addition to leading the development of professional training programs, Mr. McDonald instructs Microeconomics and Macroeconomics as an Adjunct Instructor at State College of Florida.

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White Papers byJustin McDonald

  • white paper confidence indicator services
    Building the Business Case: When it Makes Sense to Outsource Manual REviews

    A white paper designed to help merchants understand and assess the full costs and benefits of internal manual review processes to better understand the net benefit of performing reviews in-house and set a baseline for considering the potential value of third party order verification services.

  • white paper confidence indicator services
    Identifying and Streamlining Low Risk Customers or Applicants: Techniques & Benefits

    Discusses the value of identifying and leveraging signals of low risk within a risk management strategy with strategies and examples for doing so. This includes leveraging the use of policy rules, technology tools and Confidence Indicator services for screening consumers in the online channel.

  • Management Training

  • Build & Manage High Performing Risk Teams.

    Provides a detailed approach to managing fraud and security teams created by David Montague which includes examples and applications for two different methods of defining and describing how risk management is actually applied. This includes application of the four fundamental pillars of risk management as well as a four component effort and resource allocation plan for maintaining risk management strategies over the long-run.

  • Managing Risk Teams to Deliver With Speed.

    Management level training course that defines and discusses the application of a methodology for managing risk in the near-, medium- and long-term by balancing different fraud and risk management initiatives. This methodology, created by David Montague, enables risk teams to respond with promptly while continuing to manage longer-term goals.


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