introduction tofraud manual review tools

Provides methods for how to authenticate and verify a consumer’s name, address, phone and email online. It also provides demonstrations and examples of how to perform manual reviews using free and low cost online sites.

The following course is considered an introduction, but we would recommend you have a working knowledge of credit card payments.

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  • Course synopsis. There comes a time when online sellers, from the biggest e-tailers to the casual seller on an auction site, will need and want to review and verify a customer’s identity before they deliver goods or services to them. We call these reviews “manual reviews” and they are a critical component to protecting a company’s exposure to fraud when they don’t have a fraud guarantee or seller protection from their payment processor. Even when companies have sophisticated fraud prevention systems, they still have cases where they just aren’t sure and they will want to perform a manual review because they suspect that a customer may be trying to commit fraud. The objective of performing a manual review is to try to authenticate and verify a customer’s identity that has been provided to you online or over the phone. The problem is, how do you do this? What information can you authenticate and verify? What tools do you need and where can you find them? How do you use these tools, and how much faith can you put in them.

    The Introduction to Fraud Manual Review Tools Training Course will provide you a breakdown of what type of customer information can be authenticated and verified online. It also provides demonstrations and examples of how you can perform manual reviews using free and low cost online sites to perform authentication and verification.

    Whether you are a top 100 e-tailer, a PowerSeller on eBay, or simply looking to sell your used laptop online, you are at risk of fraud if you are selling goods or services over the internet. Doing business online means you really don’t get to see your customer, and even when you get paid by your customer you are still at risk that your payment processor may take the money back if it ends up your customer was really a fraudster. The one fraud prevention technique any seller can perform, regardless of size or technical capability, is the manual review. Knowing what and how to perform a strong manual review will give you more confidence in accepting and converting more sales online and over the telephone.

  • what can you expect to get out of this course? (1) What information is needed/usable for authentication and verification during a manual review? (2) What services and sites, to include low cost and free services, can I use to authenticate and verify a customer’s information during a manual review?(3) What are the things I should be looking for to indicate higher or lower risk of fraud when performing a manual review?
  • Training Objectives: (1) Define what customer information is required and or usable with manual reviews. (2) Describe services and organizations you can use to authenticate and verify a customer’s identity. (3) Describe how to use commonly used free or low cost services to perform authentication and verification. (4) Define what you are looking to find in a manual review to indicate you are at higher risk, as well as what you are looking for that would indicate lower risk.
  • Expected time to complete the course: 120 minutes (includes session tests and final exam).
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    Provides methods for how to authenticate and verify a consumer’s name, address, phone and email online. It also provides demonstrations and examples of how to perform manual reviews using free and low cost online sites.

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