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the fraud practice provides the following news and events section to provide insight into current events and trends occurring within the CNP payment and fraud industry.

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  • CAse Study - We always seem to hear about the successful fraudsters who cheated merchants, but we don’t often hear about the successful merchants in stopping fraudsters. ATMCASH is an online money remittance business that, since its inception in 2005, has been able to maintain fraud losses well below the expected rates for their high risk vertical market. This is a remarkable feat for any online business, but an even greater accomplishment in the money movement vertical, an industry that sees a persistently high number of fraud attempts while the costs of fraud prevention and fraud losses have driven many entrants out of business. READ MORE
  • In the Press.
  • In the Press - Retail Online Integration - David Montague is speaking and participating in a webinar andd round table discussion on September 20, 2012 titled Data Security and Beyond: A Cost Effective Approach to Online Fraud Protection for Retailers.
Past Events:
2012 CNP Expo - May 20-22, 2012 - Orlando, FL


The Fraud Practice will be exhibiting and David Montague will be presenting at the first annual CNP Expo held in Orlando, Florida this May.

2012 MRC Annual e-Commerce Payments & Risk Conference - March 27-29, 2012 - Las Vegas, NV


David Montague will be presenting the "Fundamentals of Device Management" session at the upcoming 2012 MRC Annual eCommerce Payments & Risk Conference held in Las Vegas, Nevada this March.


MRC Europe 2011 annual conference, October 2011, Berlin Germany.

At the annual MRC Europe Conference David Montague was a feature speaker providing a session on "Moving Beyond the Device", A strategy for making best use of device identification.


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  • READ MOREFailure to Conduct Proper email Notification Costs Bank $400k

    If your company maintains a balance on behalf of the consumer you have increased risk for potential loss from account takeover, and recent legal cases have been able to show that not employing simple security measures, such as two factor authentication or email notification, can nullify the customer’s liability for loss.

  • READ MORENew Legislation and Regulations Affecting eCommerce

    The United States and European Union have been actively pursuing new regulations and legislation related to consumer privacy issues, data breach and data security, as well as investigations into competitive pricing and antitrust concerns. Consumer privacy regulations have also expanded in Latin America and Asia-Pacific over recent years.

  • READ MORECommon Chargebacks Often Associated with Friendly Fraud

    Friendly fraud costs merchants billions of dollars each year. The Fraud Practice discusses chargebacks often associated with friendly fraud and what you can do about them.

  • READ MORETop 10 Reasons to Increase Attention on Mobile within a Fraud Strategy

    As payments transition from plastic cards and magnetic stripes to mobile devices, they will experience a new set of risks posed by the mobile platform.

  • READ MORE2011: The Year of the Data Breach

    As estimates range from 400 to 535 data breaches in 2011, with tens of millions of records exposed, The Fraud Practice looks at the impacts of data breaches over the past year and how this may affect laws and regulations in 2012.

  • READ MOREU.S. Posts Strong eCommerce Sales oN Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2011

    In midst of the economic recovery in 2011 the holiday shopping season is off to a strong start in both the Customer Present and Customer Not Present channels with $11.4 billion dollars spent at brick-and-mortar stores on Black Friday and over $1.25 billion spent online for Cyber Monday.

  • READ MOREFraudsters Forge Digital Certificates, Undermine COnsumer Trust Online

    After breaching the systems of a digital certificate authority a fraudster makes their phishing and pharming web pages suddenly seem legitimate.

  • READ MOREEffects of the Durbin Amendment on the Payment Landscape

    In preparation for the October 1st implementation of the debit card interchange cap banks are forewarning of measures they will be taking to compensate for revenues lost due to the Durbin Amendment.