Offering a neutral, unbiased, source for information related to setting up and maintaining online payments and fraud prevention:

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The Fraud Practice offers several services directly related to the investigation and analysis of the card not present (CNP) fraud prevention market and the solution providers that service the space. These offerings were designed for merchants, solution providers, financial institutions, investment firms, industry analysts, venture capitalist and legal authorities looking to learn more about the market, industry and companies servicing the space. The Fraud Practice provides a neutral, unbiased source for information related to the fraud solution provider marketplace.  Our independence from any particular solution, coupled with years of experience in the space, allows us to analyze, recommend and implement solutions more quickly and creatively than our competitors.

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Getting yourself a fraud training certification will improve your ability to prevent fraud while increasing your value and potential for advancement with your employer. The Fraud Practice offers 8 career paths and over 30 training courses related to e-commerce payments and fraud prevention. Check out our training options.

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are you a small to medium sized merchant looking for a fraud solution?

It can be difficult for small to medium businesses to find commercial solutions that are affordable for their volume levels. If you are currently looking for ways to improve and automate your fraud screening, give us call, we will provide you with a 30 minute free consultation on what is available, and who you might want to take a look at.

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  • International Payment Service Provider Buyer's Guide. This 81 page document provides an overview of the many types of features and services PSPs can offer while discussing many of the vendors servicing the market in terms of the functionalities and payment methods they offer as well as regional coverage.

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The fact is if you are doing business online or via the telephone, your company is at risk for fraud. Regardless if you own your business, are a senior executive, an entrepreneur or you are a professional looking to work and operate in the online market, you need to understand how to take and manage payments while minimizing your company’s exposure to risk and fraud. The Managing Fraud Related to ePayments in a Business training session is intended for managers, executive management, business owners and entrepreneurs that are looking for a high level perspective on fraud exposure and managing a risk operation team in their business.

If you only have the time to take one course to learn about eCommerce Payments and Fraud, this course is the one you want to take.

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  • Consulting Services The Fraud Practice offers consulting solutions for conducting assessments, strategy development and market research related to taking payments and preventing fraud within the online and telephone channels.
  • Fraud Library A deep resouce of free information related to online payments, fraud and the techniques used to support them both.
  • Training Courses Learn from an expert, and get up to speed without spending hours searching on the internet or at conferences looking for those "nuggets" of inspiration.
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