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While all of our engagements at The Fraud Practice are conducted by David Montague, The Fraud Practice has an extended team of professionals that work with David to support our client needs, and with our retainers you get access to our entire team of professionals.

Likewise you can be assured that you can reach someone when you really need to. The Fraud Practice reserves and sets aside time in our annual calendar and excludes it from scheduling engagements to ensure we have the flexibility to support our clients as their needs ebb and flow. We don't require any complicated procedures or extensive commitments from our clients to make use of our retainer options, we only require you have an ongoing need for periodic support.  Please keep in mind, we only allow a small number of retainer agreements to be in place at any given time, so to find out if there is current availability or to learn about our pricing and commitment requirements give us a call.   

Client retainerservice overview

The Fraud Practice offers a client retainer option for a limited number of clients on an annual basis. Our client retainers allow our clients to have immediate access to an eCommerce payment and fraud expert while maintaining continuity across teams and time without having to hire additional resources.  

Key considerations for why you should consider The Fraud Practice's client retainer option:

  • You have immediate access to a seasoned fraud management expert without the overhead of a large salary or limited workload so you can react more quickly to changes in the market.
  • Allows you to get an outside perspective on strategic and operational plans for your eCommerce business.
  • Peace of mind - The Fraud Practice offers years of fraud and e-payment experience which allows us to spot problem areas more quickly so you can have more confidence in your fraud and payment systems.
  • Our retainer allows you to use us for as little or as much as you need, with only a small monthly commitment having access to an expert is affordable.
  • The Fraud Practice offers you access to the industries best experts in the space using a proven methodology to produce real business results.

Whether you are looking simply for a second set of eyes, strategic advice or you need someone to act as your overall director of fraud, but you can't justify the expense. Our client retainer allows you to get affordable access to a fraud expert. We can assist you in pretty much any and all aspects of your program from product and service development, operational management, monitoring and strategy development.

Think you can't afford to have a seasoned fraud manager on your team. Think again...Give us a call to find out how we can help you take your fraud operation to the next stage.

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  • Client retainer options.

    Think you can't afford to have a seasoned fraud manager on your team? Think your too small to afford a dedicated fraud resource? Are you in need of fresh ideas and real market insight? Give us a call to find out how we can help you.