Account Takeover(ATO) Audit

The fraud practice offers an Account Takeover (ATO) Audit to quickly inspect 80-points of vulnerability, exposure and best practice protection as it relates to account takeover business risk in the e-commerce channel.

The Account Takeover (ATO) Audit is a short duration low cost packaged engagement providing analysis, reporting and answers to the question of how exposed a company is to account takeover fraud and abuse. The hallmark of the audit is the proprietary ATO audit report created by The Fraud Practice that includes easy to understand KPIs and metrics to convey a company’s  level of exposure as well as protection level to account takeover (ATO) fraud. The Account Takeover (ATO) report will also provide companies other pertinent ratings related to the application of account takeover risk management best practices.

  • Audit & Assessment. A Fraud Practice consultant will perform an independent remote audit on a company’s front-end website and user interface (UI) to review policies, actions and vulnerabilities affecting account takeover risk and exposure. This will be followed up with an interview session involving at least one person from your organization knowledgeable about risk management practices to answer specific questions related to back end account takeover risk and company policies. This thorough investigation and interview are the primary components of the 80-point account takeover (ATO) audit inspection and typically requires less than 2 hours of time from company personnel.
  • Ratings & Report. Following the audit, inspection and interview, The Fraud Practice will draft a detailed report including specific metrics and rankings related to the organization's account takeover (ATO) risks, policies, vulnerabilities and level of protection. This considers many aspects of the customer life-cycle, from account creation to account changes and transactions. The report includes proprietary rankings and measurements including where the organization ranks relative to industry averages as well as minimum and superior protection levels across 7 key areas.
  • Detailed Results Explained. The goal of our Account Takeover (ATO) Risk Audit and Report is to provide real insight into a company’s potential exposure to a negative event perpetrated from account takeover. This includes the risk of financial loss, business loss as well as brand damage from account takeover occurring. Beyond understanding the risk of account take over occurring is ensuring you understand the anticipated likelihood it will occur based on a company’s business model and vulnerability to account takeover. The report also looks to provide you with a peer review perspective as well  providing rankings on 7 key risk assessment areas including where the organization ranks against industry norms and in relation to superior protection levels. Areas where large gaps or vulnerabilities exist are discussed in detail including specific examples of the type of risk this presents and what measures can be taken to reduce this risk or exposure. The report also includes some light discussions on which areas or investment and prioritization would likely provide the most uplift in minimizing and controlling account takeover (ATO) risk exposure.


  • Deliverables - A digital copy of our proprietary and confidential Account Takeover ATO Audit report which includes ratings for account takeover risk exposure, protection and other metrics. Includes a one hour overview session with a consultant to go over and explain the ratings and report detailing areas that require the most immediate attention.
  • Costs - This is a fixed low cost engagement (Request a Quote). This cost includes the audit, interview survey, report and phone based report overview.
  • Time Frame - The Fraud Practice can typically conduct audits with 48 hours of contract acceptance with the report being completed within 72 hours from the point we start the engagement. We do offer blue-bird 24 hour turn around in cases where companies believe they may be suffering from an account takeover (ATO) fraud event.


Why Consider

  • How much is at stake? - Do you know how much financial and brand damage ATO could cost your business? What customer assets, payment credentials, and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) are protected behind an account username and password?
  • Is ATO visible to your company? - Are you able to see when ATO is attempted or occurs? Can you recognize brute force attempts, login attempts from unusual locations, or password/account changes, and what measures are taken in response?



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