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The Fraud Practice offers companies and individuals training options for Online, in-house and webinar based training on a variety of topics.

Companies can choose from our prepared courses, job role or career track based programs or they can have complete customized training that can incorporate the application and use of their in-house fraud tools into their own on demand online programs.

  • Assessments.The Fraud Practice's online training portal offers companies and individuals access to eCommerce fraud and payments training 24 hours a day 7 days a week, so you can fit your training in whenever it is best for your schedule. All of our training sessions are SCORM compliant offering student tracking, quizzes as well as case studies, demos, interactive polls and surveys for specific sessions. Our sessions are presented by an experienced, dynamic speaker and the courses are fun and informative.
  • Strategy development.The goal of our strategy development engagements is to develop a solution and strategy design for supporting online payments and fraud prevention. In these engagements our focus is on specifying the tools, techniques, potential vendors, rules, operational event workflows and policies a company needs to support online payments and fraud prevention. A strategy development engagement can be focused on "green" field design or a design to support existing solution architecture and vendors.
  • Market research.The goal of our market research engagements is to answer the question: "How are our services/solutions doing in the competitive landscape? Where do we fit best? What does the market think of us? What can we do better?" Our market research engagements are focused on producing findings and conveying strengths and weaknesses of a vendor's services and solutions in the market. The market research engagement is great for redefining or crafting an effective value proposition for a company's services/solutions.

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The Fraud Practice's online training portal offers on-demand web based training related to eCommerce payments and fraud. We offer career tracks for fraud reviewers up to senior executives. Of course you always have the option to simply choose the courses that you think you really need.

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learn aboutcnp fraud

      Ecommerce Fraud Fundamentals

    eCommerce Buyer Fraud Signals



    Introduction to Credit Card Chargebacks

    Chargeback Representment

      Advanced Analytics for Chargebacks


Build Manage Risk Teams

    Manage Teams with Speed

Managing Fraud Related to ePayments in a Business

    Managed Services for Fraud Prevention in Ecommerce


    eCommerce Merchant Fraud Signals

      Introduction to eCommerce Merchant Underwritting Considerations

tax &compliance

    Plannign for eCommerce Tax Implications

    Introdcution to Compliance for USA


Apple Pay course

Introduction to Credit Card Payments

Fundamentals of Selecting eCommerce Payments

Introduction to ACH Payments

Introduction to PayPal Payments

Introduction to Credit Term Payments

Intorduction to Mobile Payments

eCommerce Payments in the UK United Kingdom online training course

eCommerce Payments in Germany DE online training course

eCommerce Payments in Spain ES Espana online training course

eCommerce Payments in France FR online training course

eCommerce Payments in Germany DE online training course


    Protecting Yourself Online


      The Impact of Fraud Tools on Sales Conversion


building asolution

      Identity Authentication and Verification

      Custom Models Modeling Analytics for CNP Fraud Management course

      Account Takeover ATO Fraud Risk

      Moving from Tools to Solutions

      Selecting a Fraud Solution Provider
    Making Sense of the Fraud Vendor Landscape

cnp fraudtechniques

      Geolocation and Device ID

      Introduction to Fraud Prevention Techniques

      Manual Review Tools

      Confidence Indicator Technique Course

      Issuer Alerts technique data sheet

      Identity Document Verification technique course data sheet

      3 d secure 3ds consumer authentication